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Tom and Cleo Parker Robinson share their appreciation of the Pipkin Braswell team

Tom and Cleo Parker Robinson share their personal story of losing four loved ones within a year. Watch as Tom and Cleo explain how the team at Pipkin Braswell became close, like family.


Rev. William Golson shares how Pipkin Braswell helped honor his mother

Rev. William Golson has known Mark Pipkin and Alvin Braswell for many years, through ministry and funeral services. He explains how his role changed when his mother died and how Pipkin Braswell helped him plan an honorable and meaningful service.


Odie Kennedy and Sunjia Brown describe how Pipkin Braswell helped them plan an amazing service

Rev. William Golson has known Mark Pipkin and Alvin Braswell for many years, through ministry and funeral services. He explains how his role changed when his mother died and how Pipkin Braswell helped him plan an honorable and meaningful service.

Community Feedback


We are pleased to often receive notes of thanks after serving a family in our community. Check back for updates as we continue to add more after receiving the families permission.








Whitney Butcher talks about Pipkin Braswell

Whitney Butcher chose Pipkin Braswell to perform services when her husband, Charles Butcher, Sr., passed away in September of 2013.

She received the services she needed before, during and after the service.

“There is always a friendly hug and smile”, Whitney shares. “There isn’t one small detail that’s left out.”

See her full interview and how she describes her experience.

Ministers Luncheon Western Baptist Convention

IMG_0096 -2We are pleased to sponsor the Western States Baptist Convention Minister’s Luncheon.  This convention is an auxiliary of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., representing more than seven million people, the largest African American religious organization in the world.

Pipkin Braswell is honored to host the Minister’s Luncheon in our reception facility for more than 50 ministers from across this country.  Our staff has worked hard to provide a wonderful buffet and we are pleased to be a part of this event.

“Being a part of this convention is our honor. We know their work is important and it supports people every day. It is our sincerest wish to enable them to move forward and create a stronger tomorrow,” states Mark Pipkin, Pipkin Braswell

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Reception Center

Our reception center gives families the convenience of gathering and sharing memories. A shared meal always brings people together to reminisce about the past, comfort each other for the moment and find the support needed as they face the future.

We invite you to plan a reception, including food and beverage, as part of the day in celebrating your loved one’s life. Please allow us to help plan a menu with you, making this a convenient service to you. We have partnered with several local catering services and staff, who are licensed and provide excellent service. You can lift the burden of having to make these arrangements and instead focus on those attending the day with you. We can arrange all the details for you.

Also, our reception center is available for your use, even if you prefer to make your own arrangements or use your own caterer. We want to provide you with the services that fit best for you and your family.

Whether you choose to use all or part of our reception services, or provide your own, we can arrange it on your behalf.

Here are some of the items which may be included during a reception:
• Food
• Beverages
• Delivery
• Hostess
• Refrigeration or heating equipment
• Dishes for serving guests
• Tableware
• Linens and centerpieces
• Set-up and clean-up

Please contact us today to learn more about our facility and the services we have available 303-996-0869.

Pastor Donald Batson shares a personal and professional perspective

Pastor Donald Batson has worked with Pipkin Braswell for many years.  As a minister in Denver for 27 years he has seen many services.  For over 30 years he has recommended Pipkin Braswell because of the service they give and how they minister to families.

In January of 2014 he needed this support when his wife, Beverly Ann Baston, passed away. “It’s so painful during these periods of time and they talk to you, they minister to you. It is an awesome job they do,” stated Pastor Donald Batson.

Watch his full interview and learn more about how we are supporting each other, for a stronger tomorrow.

Shirley Humphries Talks About Her Mothers “Home-going”

In 1988 Shirley’s Mother, Ella Tapps, came to a service for a family member at Pipkin Braswell. She was so impressed by how the service was conducted, she made the decision to have Pipkin Braswell conduct her home-going service when the time came.

Shirley and her mother planned the service together.  Ella passed in 2013, at the age of 94, and she received the service just how she had planned so many years ago.

“They did it her way, not my way or my sister’s way — but her way,” states her daughter Shirley Humphries.

We thank Shirley for sharing her story about planning ahead.  We encourage you to plan for yourself or a loved one.  By planning in advance, you can save your loved ones from having to make these arrangements when you are not there to guide them. Call today to talk more about planning ahead or any of the services we offer.



Surprise Easter Deliveries to Community

Local funeral directors from Pipkin Braswell Funeral Home, Cremation and Reception Center showed up on doorsteps of homes and churches in the community in the spirit of Easter with baskets filled with a full meal for families in the community

“Hunger is not seasonal and we wanted to give help to families in need, when they may have been forgotten.” said Mark Pipkin.

Easter Delivery

Click on image above to view video and see community reactions to surprise deliveries.

Basket deliveries were made at several local churches and were well received. Pipkin Braswell also adopted a new tagline to better communicate their mission and philosophy, “Supporting each other for a stronger tomorrow.”

“We are all active in our individual churches and Pipkin Braswell has always given baskets to families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we decided to help more families by delivering meals for Easter. Once we thought of this idea, the entire staff worked to pull it all together,” added Alvin Braswell. “I bought all the food, another staff member called churches and asked if we could donate, several of us worked to fill the baskets. It took a lot of work from everyone.”

As he accepted one of the baskets from Alvin Braswell, Superintendent Wayne McDonald of Odom Memorial C.O.G.I.C. stated, “Bless you for thinking of our families. We know they will be thankful to not have to buy a meal for their table this holiday.”

“It’s not every day staff from a funeral home comes calling on your doorstep, with a smile and an Easter Basket,” said Marion Boston of Pipkin Braswell. “It’s nice to get out into the community and give back to the families we serve.”

“The whole thing blew me away,” stated Tonya Hawkins a new employee that assists families with planning in advance. “I would never think I would be delivering Easter baskets when I started working here, but it didn’t surprise me they pulled together and got them out in the community. They are so passionate about the community and helping people, it’s just another part of how they love people.”

Giving the baskets to churches and families around the community was just one of many ways the staff gives back to the families they serve. Many members on staff are active church members and dedicated to helping others.

Poverty facts about Colorado:

·  11.2% of people in Colorado live in poverty. (quickfact.census.gov)

·  13% of Colorado children live in poverty. (nccp.org)

·  1 in 7 households in Colorado are food insecure, or food insecure with hunger (USDA – 2011)

Pipkin Braswell is a local, family owned business and has been providing African American funeral and cremation services to the community since 1978. Bringing their expertise, staff and message forward in a new and interactive platform allows us to engage visitors to our site at a higher level and provide the answers they need in the comfort of their own home.